Trøndelag - Nordland - Troms

My name is Kety Gogoberidze-Schön. I am an interior designer from Tbilisi, Georgia, where I finished diploma as architect/designer, and worked on many projects across the country.
With interior design as a passion, I started Kety Design in 2019, after moving to Norway and working for 14 years in the architecture and interior design industry. Kety Design is a single-person company currently based in Narvik, providing interior design and consultation services in Trøndelag, Nordland and Troms.

Tbilisi`s vivid art and cultural scene have shaped my style, which I am merging with the Scandinanivan design philosophy. I offer design work for private homes, cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

My goal is to create the perfect interior space for you. Modern or classic, lively or calm, colorful or natural - the final design always takes your preferences, wishes and objectives into consideration. My emphasis is on good communication with you from the beginning, and on a creative process together. 

Kety Design 
Ketevan Gogoberidze-Schön Interior Design 
Narvik, Norway 
Org-Nr. 923 705 872